Kerjamail Hosted Email Solution

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Kerjamail is a hosted email solution and the deal offers several unique features. There are 6 pricing tiers, from $49 to $699. The lowest tier offers hosted email for 10 domains. All of the other tiers give unlimited domains. You have unlimited email addresses for each domain. You can use the Kerjamail webmail platform or use the service with any email client.

This solution is a good fit for domains that need transactional email accounts for their website, or that need email addresses to setup social media accounts.

Note that Kerjamail is not an email marketing platform and is not suitable for cold emailing or for sending bulk email.

There is a special team broadcast component where you can send emails to the team and track that team members have opened them.

Kerjamail is from the marketing email service that sends more than 4.5 million emails a day.

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Starting at $49 for Lifetime

Normally $70 a year

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