ProWritingAid Lifetime

ProwritingAid Lifetime

Copywriters, fiction authors, and bloggers, all would benefit from ProWritingAid.  ProWritingAid is a suite of editing tools that helps you make your writing the best it can be.  There is a Windows and a Mac desktop program, a Chrome extension for editing within the browser, and add-ins and integrations for Microsoft Word, Google Docs, OpenOffice, and Scrivener.

ProWritingAid analyzes your writing and highlights potential improvements. There are more than 20 reports, each of which focuses on a particular area of your writing. Some reports will provide quick fixes that will allow you to improve  your writing. Other reports go in depth to show you where you can improve your writing style.  Reports include style, grammar, overused words, cliches, length, transition, and diction, among others.

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